Nerve is a demo system with which you can easily create a cool 64k demo. It is a single plugin for Maya, which turns Maya into a full 64k demo creation tool. There are already some publicly available 64k demo creation tools around (to be precise: .werkkzeug and aDDict2), but these tools have everything integrated in them, all content creation is performed inside their own tools. My demo system uses Maya as a basis, since Maya has already proven itself as a great modelling and animation tool.

All of the 64k’s that I worked on have been built using Nerve. What started in 2006 as a simple “scene player” has evolved into a full blown demo engine; with a runtime component optimized for size and a designer plugin for Maya focused on usability and ease of development.

You can follow my development progress on my nerve demo system blog. You’ll find lots of info on the project there, together with screenshots and downloads.

Here’s a short video of Nerve, displaying some of its features:

Tech: C++, Direct3D, Maya SDK, XML

Note: No binaries are publicly released.

Link: (my development blog)